Adding git to PATH when using GitHub for Windows

If you are like me and use GitHub for Windows instead of Git you may have noticed git commands are not available in command line and Git’s executable is nowhere to be found. 

Git’s executable is actually located in:


Now that we have located the executable all we have to do is add it to our PATH:

  • Right-Click on My Computer
  • Click Advanced System Settings
  • Click Environment Variables
  • Then under System Variables look for the path variable and click edit
  • Add the path to git’s bin and cmd at the end of the string like this:


Windows 8.1 Preview: Boot to Desktop

Microsoft listened to us and introduced an option to boot directly to the desktop instead of the start menu. The option for this is located under Taskbar and Navigation Properties. 

How to find it:
  • Right-click on taskbar
  • Select Properties
  • Select Navigation tab
  • Check Go to the desktop instead of Start when I sign in
Notice the other options here, you might find some of them useful!

Windows 8-1 Taskbar and Navigation

Microsoft Surface Pro: Lock Fn keys

I just came back from Windows Build 2013 and I’m enjoying my new Surface Pro very much!  The device runs Visual Studio 2013 preview smoothly and developing on it is quite nice.

Only problem I’ve encountered so far is accessing F keys requires the user to press the Fn+F key. This is quite annoying when debugging!  After some research I found that Microsoft has a lock mechanism for the F keys: Hold Fn + Caps.

It works on both Touch and Type covers.

Useful shortcuts: 

Fn + Caps

Locks F1-F12 into being function keys.

Fn + <Spacebar>

Print Screen

Fn + <Spacebar> + Alt

Print Screen for the in-focus app only

Fn + Del

Brightness Up

Fn + Backspace

Brightness Down

Fn + <left>


Fn + <right>


Fn + <up>

Page Up

Fn + <down>

Page Down

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